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Essentials of Contracting and Contract Negotiation

  5 days 3 – 7 December 2018,  17 – 21 December 2018 £3850 Holiday Inn Express Hotel 1 Priddys...

Strategy and Effective Performance Management

  5 days 29 Oct – 2 Nov, 26 – 30 Nov 2018 £3850 Holiday Inn Express Hotel 1 Priddys Yard Croydon...

Budgeting: Planning, Forecasting, Simulation Reporting

5 days 12 -16 Mar / 21-25 May / 14-18 May / 17-21Sep / 26-30 Nov 2018 £3850 Holiday Inn Express...

Upcoming Courses

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

5 days 17-21 December 2018 £3850 Holiday Inn...

Empower trade unions: create relevance and industrial harmony

5 days 17-21 September 2018 £3850 Holiday Inn...

Fire safety, prevention and fighting

5 days24-28 September 2018, 1-5 October...

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Good decision making depends on a careful calibration of intuition and knowledge, qualita­tive information and quantifiable fact. CAMIC Associates is a business consulting firm in diverse industries. We offer objective, knowledgeable planning and analysis, training and specialised services to our clients, supporting them in making crucial business de­cisions at all stages of their business lifecycle.  We possess a tremendous commitment to our clients and consistently deliver exceptional work and superior insights. Our credibility is measured by the formation of trusted, team-oriented relationships.

Who we are

Established by an entrepreneurial professional keen to revolutionalise the management consul­tancy industry, CAMIC Associates has earned an enviable reputation for deliver­ing some of the most successful programmes in the industry.

Our expertise spans a number of business sectors including: Education; Financial Services; Transporta­tion; Retail; Oil and Gas; Utilities; Metals and Mining; Government & Public, Communications; and the Environmental sector.

Our Mission & Vision

We to be the training provider of outstanding quality who is defined by high standards of excellence to its clients and stakeholders.


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” I had a wonderful experience during my course in London, apart from the knowledge gained, I developed several other skills as a result of participting in the course ”

– Jessica Mulanko

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