Business Ethics Training Course


5 days


06 – 10 Feb, 22 – 26 May, 21 – 25 August, 13 – 17 Nov 2023




The Business Xchange Hub, Marco Polo House
3-5 Lansdowne Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 2BX United Kingdom

Course Overview

The business ethics training course will teach participants a clear understanding of what business ethics is, while providing them with enough knowledge and practical tools to implement an ethics program at their workplace.

Every day key decisions are made about how resources are used and consumed in the organisation. The ethical imperative is to ensure that resources are used in the most appropriate way within the context of the organisation and the broader context of the organisation in the community.                   

Ethics should maintain a positive effect on the employees surroundings, creating an atmosphere of decision making that fosters help and not harm. This course will pose a series of questions that will form the basis of a practical ethical framework.

Course Objective:

In this course participants will: Understand what ‘business ethics’ is Learn how to make ethical decisions Receive practical tools to implement ethics in the workplace Understand employee rights to enable and create privacy, harassment & technology policies Understand your business & social responsibilities Learn how to balance personal and organisation ethics Learn when to “blow the whistle” Be able to identify unethical behaviours.

Who should attend

Human resources/personnel managers
In-house counsel
Business owners
Employees at every level who need an affirmation of why everyone needs to treat each other with respect and practice proper business conduct

This course can also be taken in

Accra: 30Jan – 03 Feb, 15 – 19 May, 07- 11 August, 06 – 10 Nov 2023

Dubai: 6 – 10 Feb, 10 – 14 April, 03 – 07 July, 11 – 15 Sept 2023

Texas: On Request

Course Content

Getting Started

Workshop Objectives

Action Plans and Evaluation Forms

Module Two: What is Ethics?

What Is Business Ethics?

10 Benefits of Managing Ethics

Case Study


Implementing Ethics in the Workplace


Guidelines for Managing Ethics in the Workplace

Roles and Responsibilities

Effective Business Ethics

Codes of conduct

Codes of Ethics


Employer/Employee Rights

Privacy Policies

Harassment Issues



Business & Social Responsibilities

Identifying Types of Responsibilities

Case Study

Handling Conflicting Social and Business Responsibilities

Case Study


Ethical Decisions

The Basics

Balancing Personal and Organisational Ethics

Common Dilemmas

Making Ethical Decisions

Overcoming Obstacles


Whistle Blowing

Criteria and Risk

The Process

When You Should “Blow the Whistle”


Managerial Ethics

Ethical Management

Identifying the Characteristics

Ensuring Ethical Behaviour


Unethical Behaviour

Recognise & Identify





Ethics in Business (I)

Organisation Basics

Addressing the Needs

Ethical Principles

Ethical communication


Ethics in Business (II)

Ethical Safeguards

Developing a Code of Ethics

Performing an Internal Ethics Audit

Upholding the Ethics Program

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Business Ethics Training Course

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