Effective Programme Coordination Skills


5 days


06 – 10 March, 19 – 23 June, 18 – 22 Sept, 04 – 8 Dec 2023




The Business Xchange Hub, Marco Polo House
3-5 Lansdowne Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 2BX United Kingdom

Course Overview

Programme Coordinators should be in a position to demonstrate a high sense of profe45ssionalism and initiative in their work relations with colleagues and external collaborators, and ensure the timely accomplishment of tasks in their institution/ organization. They should be in a position to give valuable advice, provide constructive feedback on issues, and alert on delays and/or discrepancies with their work program implementation.                                                                             

Course Content:

  • Corporate Governance
    • Corporate Governance Standards
    • Corporate Governance in Emerging Countries
    • Competencies of company directors
    • Corporate Governance in Banks
    • The Role and responsibilities of the independent director
    • Corporate Social Responsibility and independent directors
    • Financial Goals and Corporate Governance
  • Corporate strategy and effective planning
    • Strategic element
    • Strategic analysis
    • Strategic choices
    • Strategic implementation
    • Evaluation and control
  • Efficiency in coordinating and implementing departmental/ organizational  Work Programmes;
  • Good skills in communication and negotiation;
    • Discovering the merits of negotiation
    • Understanding the negotiation process
    • Planning and preparing for negotiations
    • Analysing the situation from different perspectives
    • Assessing the relative power of the stakeholders in reaching a negotiated solution
    • Pinpointing problems
    • Communicating effectively during negotiations
    • Behaviours that foster win-win solutions
    • Taming the difficult negotiator
    • Developing your negotiation strategy for success
  • Issues and conflict management
    • The Purpose of Conflict
    • Getting to the Heart of the Problem
    • Dealing with Uncomfortable Feelings
    • Defining a Difficult Person
    • Using Honesty and Agreement
    • Turning Arguments into Discussions
    • Defusing Blame
    • Active Listening and Responding
    • Undele Play
    • Achieving a Different Outcome
    • Dealing with Strong Feelings
    • Delivering Bad News
    • Feeding the Solution Not the Problem
    • Creating Win-Win: Achieving Resolution
  • The ability to build partnership with a broad range of clients and deliver results that meet the needs and long-term interests of clients within and outside their departments/organizations;
    • Heightened Self Awareness: what am I like and how do my clients see me?
    • Stakeholder Management
      – Indentifying key relationships
      – Prioritising relationships
      – Strategies to engage stakeholders
    • How to become a trusted advisor and an invaluable resource to your clients
    • Creating the right first impression and maintaining it in the long term
    • Establishing and building rapport, trust and loyalty
    • Improving the quality of your service provision and expertise
    • The six aspects of knowledge – what do you need to know
  • Project/program management
    • Project initiation
    • Project planning
    • Project execution
    • Project closure
  • Efficient mechanisms to improve work program coordination at various levels;
  • Appropriate execution of resources in work program implementation;

Monitoring and Reporting on the delivery of Key Initiatives.

Who should attend

This course is designed for individuals in administrative capacity performing tasks related to coordination of programmes and oversight of projects to ensure timely and effective project development and completion, with emphasis on delivery on commitments and set objectives.

This course can also be taken in

Accra: 27 Feb – 03 March, 12 – 16 June, 11 – 15 Sept, 04- 08 Dec 2023

Dubai: 27 Feb – 03 March, 22 – 26 May, 31 July – 4 August, 2 – 6 Oct 2023

Texas: On Request

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Effective Programme Coordination Skills

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