Essentials of contracting and contract negotiation


5 days


18-22 May 2020




Holiday Inn Express Hotel 1 Priddys Yard Croydon CR0 1TS LONDON

Course Description

The Essentials of Contracting and Contract Negotiation training course will help delegates to develop their ability to negotiate contracts effectively. It will equip them with a range of interpersonal skills, and appreciation of the elements of planning and objective setting in negotiations. There will be an opportunity for delegates to carry out a self-assessment of their skills in key areas of negotiation including team negotiations.


Every day significant monies are made and lost by organizations as a result of the

contractual terms and conditions governing contracts for the purchase of goods, equipment, and services. Since all business activities are governed by contractual relationships, it is increasingly important for all those dealing with outside organizations to have an understanding of how to obtain the best possible agreement for their organization.

Who should attend

This training course will benefit all levels of personnel in contracts and project management, purchasing, supply and procurement. It will enable them to enhance their understanding of different contracting strategies and structures in a variety of applications.

This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

 Contracts & Contracting Unit Personnel

 Project Professionals

 Procurement & Purchasing Personnel

 Commercial Professionals

 Anyone involved in the management of risk

Course Objectives

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

 Understand how contracts are formed

 Explain how to use contract provisions to reduce the risk of disputes

 Understand the impact dispute may have on relationships over the long term

 Describe the use of strategies to resolve the causes of disputes

 Improve appreciation of legal issues in contracts and develop new skills in


This course can also be taken in

Accra: 20-24 Apr, 22 -26 Jun, 24 -28 Aug, 19 -23 Oct 2020

 Dubai: 18-22 May, 20-24 Jul, 21-25 Sep, 23-27 Nov 2020

Texas: on request

Course Content

Module 1: The Essentials of Contracting Function

Function, Formation, and Validity of Contracts

  •  Key Principles and Reasons for Contracting
  • Choosing the Right Strategy
  •  Forming the Contract on Your Terms
  • Structure, Format and Incorporation of Documents
  • Which Law and Legal Forum
  • Use of International Standard Forms

Key Contract Provisions and Associated Issues

  • Distribution of Risk and Performance Obligations
  • Programming and Completion
  • Delivery in the Cargo Industry
  • Liabilities, Indemnities and Insurance
  • External Events/Force Majeure
  • Suspension and Termination

Changes and Variations

  • Changes to the Contract
  • Transfer or Rights: Assignment and Novation
  • Variations to Scope Requirements
  • Controlling and Managing Change
  • Minimising Claims and Disputes
  • Delay and Disruption

Payment and Securing Performance

  • Price and Payment Terms
  • Managing Payment Risk
  • Bonds, Guarantees and Warranties
  • Reservation of Ownership
  • Managing Performance
  • Remedies for Default

Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management

  • Minimising Disputes
  • Negotiation, Compromise, Settlement
  • Tiered Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes
  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Course Review and Learning Outcomes

Module 2: Negotiating & Dispute Resolutions

Fundamentals of Negotiation

 Negotiation defined

 Disputes and the need for resolution

 Place of negotiation in the contractual resolution process

 Commercial impact of the breakdown of negotiations

 Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)

 The four phase process of negotiation

The Negotiator’s Toolbox

 Preparation

 Information needs

 Drafting your proposal which will open the discussion

 The negotiation discussion phase

 Bargain and Close

 Negotiating position setting

Negotiating Styles, Tactics and Ploys

 Cultural & international issues

 Red, Purple & Blue negotiators

 Non-verbal communication and the interpretation of body language

 Make time your friend

 Silence and ploys as tactics and how to respond effectively

Personal Fitness and Dealing with Difficult Negotiations

 Interests, positions and escalation

 Stakeholder power behind the interests in negotiation

 Negotiator as a Mediator

 Team negotiations

 Proposals and persuasion

Putting it all into Practice

 Negotiation case study

 Team allocation and simulation exercise

 Analysis of performance

 The Do’s and Don’ts of Negotiating

 Improving what we do – action planning

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Essentials Of Contracting And Contract Negotiation

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