Delighted St. Paddy’s Time

More sensuous discussions…

Really when I decide blogging (as I silmultaneously work at the podcasting), I’m trying to upload interesting and of use things a la the Scobel and Isreal publication Naked Conversations. (my podcast met with the sensuous talks subject before i discovered the publication dudes) i have never been cool but I’m attempting, and after some environmentally friendly alcohol this afternoon, I imagined i will upload regarding the good, the poor plus the unsightly of green things during sex.

I experienced a couple of thoughts about

environmentally friendly

protruding things. Whether it’s cheap silk lingerie that switched my vulva from my favorite hue of GM sportscar pink (i cannot hold off becoming outdated, swear alot and drive a vulva-pink sportscar, but we digress) to an awful tone of eco-friendly, I recognized that


isn’t a shade you desire involving your protruding components.

I usually talk on environment about how fairly secure dental sex is actually.  Hey, despite Health Canada’s most recent (Jan. 2006) publication regarding the condition with the HELPS attacks in Canada could not declare that HELPS is sent orally.  Until you’ve merely got teeth pulled, and get gaping, oozing sores inside mouth (after which the thought of fellatio in those days looks extremely unpalatable), dental gender is, with that said, a safer sexual activity.  Which, until you have actually


, foamy things coming out of your genitalia. Which is usually the clap and/or gon…, which burns off once you pee and smells some thing intense. I recall the very first time somebody came into the contraceptive clinic with a raging illness (kind of like when someone forgets a tampon inside) it will be the many putrid scent imaginable…Now I’m being gross, but it is my crucial protection tip throughout the day. You should not go-down on anyone with eco-friendly stuff since you will get the STI (sexually transmitted illness) within throat. oowwww.

I cannot imagine anything that is gorgeous environmentally friendly unless you caount my sparkly, open-toed sneakers i eventually got to match a hideous warehouse bridesmaid dresses once. My personal base fetish individual had gotten all turned on in my hospital once I attempted to have his session wearing them… reside and discover.

And so I think kermit was right.  It is not simple becoming eco-friendly.  About perhaps not inside the room.

A demain.  Sue