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23 – 27 Jan, 01 – 05 May, 07 – 11 August, 30 Oct – 03 Nov 2023




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Course Description

The pressures on healthcare supply chains are changing. In the past, a hospital that managed its purchasing costs well could operate efficiently. Today, the cost of materials management can exceed 35 percent of a hospital’s operating budget, with nearly 20 to 25 percent attributable to supply costs alone.

This programme will show you how you can achieve substantial benefits by not only changing purchasing practices, but also by improving how you manage your labour force, supplies, equipment and facilities. With nearly 80 percent of total hospital expenses accounted for in patient care costs, the impact of this course for hospitals and other healthcare organisations can be truly significant.

Course Objective:

By the end of this programme, you will have developed the skills and knowledge to be able to:

  • Build a strategic framework with which to analyse the design, planning and operational decisions your healthcare organisation makes regarding its supply chain and assess the degree of ‘fit’ between that supply chain and your organisation’s strategic objectives.


  • Understand the significance of demand and supply planning in a healthcare supply chain, identify decisions that are part of the planning process and use appropriate planning tools.
  • Evaluate all the factors that affect the level of cycle inventory within the hospital’s supply chain and the actions that can be taken to decrease the level of cycle inventory without increasing costs or harming the level of product availability.
  • Utilise appropriate frameworks and tools to design your healthcare organisation’s supply chain and transportation networks to support your organisation’s strategic objectives and minimise supply chain costs.
  • Leverage ‘cross-functional’ drivers such as sourcing, pricing and information to achieve better coordination and efficiency in your healthcare organisation’s supply chain.

Who should attend?

This course is vital for all healthcare managers and clinicians who are involving in managing their organisation’s supply chain or whose relationship with patients, insurers, suppliers and colleagues is being affected by problems with the organisation’s supply chain, including:

  • operations directors and managers
  • end-users in all hospital departments including physicians, senior nurses, pharmacists, scientists and allied health professionals
  • warehouse and inventory managers
  • hospital buyers, procurement analysts and managers
  • finance, accounting and contracts managers
  • IT managers and informaticians
  • materials and maintenance managers

This course can also be taken in

Accra:  16 – 20 Jan, 10 – 14 April, 24-28 July, 23- 27 Oct 2023

Dubai:  23 – 27 Jan, 27 – 31 March, 19 – 23 June, 28 Aug – 01 Sept 2023

Texas: on request

Course Content

Module 1 – Planning Demand and Supply in the Healthcare Supply Chain

  • the importance of healthcare supply chain decisions
  • organisational and supply chain strategies: achieving ‘fit’
  • the six drivers of supply chain performance
  • forecasting demand in a healthcare supply chain: a six step approach
  • the role of IT in forecasting and planning

Module 2 – Planning and Managing Inventories in the Healthcare Supply Chain

  • the role of cycle inventory in a supply chain
  • managing multi-echelon cycle inventory
  • the role of safety inventory in a healthcare supply chain
  • the role of IT in inventory management
  • setting product availability for multiple products under capacity constraints

Module 3 – Designing a Healthcare Supply Chain and Transportation Network

  • the role of distribution in the healthcare supply chain
  • the role of network design in the healthcare supply chain
  • the role of IT in network design and transportation
  • transportation infrastructure and policies
  • risk management in network design and transportation

Module 4 – Managing the Cross-Functional Drivers in a Healthcare Supply Chain

  • the role of sourcing in a healthcare supply chain: in-house or outsource?
  • supplier scoring, assessment and selection: running auctions and negotiations
  • using pricing and revenue management in practice
  • the future of IT in the healthcare supply chain
  • lack of healthcare supply chain co-ordination and the ‘bullwhip effect’

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