Information Technology Disaster Recovery Planning




5 days


13 – 17 Aug, 10-14 Sep, 8-12 Oct, 12-16 Nov, 3-7 Dec 2018




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Course Description

This course provides an insight into the world of Information Technology Disaster Recovery (IT DR Plan).

IT Disaster Recovery is the part of Business Continuity that specialises in responding to serious operational disruptions resulting from IT failures. This course takes delegates through the IT DR Plan lifecycle from understanding the key business drivers, examining the various strategic options available that determine the shape of the IT DR Plan, through to ensuring that a completed plan is fit-for-purpose

Course Objective:

By the end of the sessions you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of the relationship between business continuity management and IT DR
  • Identify the business drivers that provide the critical direction for IT DR solutions
  • Describe how to address any gaps that exist between ‘what the business expects from IT’ compared with ‘what IT is capable of delivering’
  • Define the various IT DR strategies that can be adopted
  • Understand the pros and cons of In-House, Outsourced and Cloud based IT DR solution
  • Describe the various data backup / retrieval processes and mechanisms
  • Appreciate the importance of IT’s role in recovering the desktop facilities for business work areas
  • Understand how an IT DR plan is constructed and define what’s in and what’s out
  • Recognise the importance of validating your IT DR plan and identify the different methods of approach

Who should attend

  • Experienced Business Continuity practitioners who are looking for an understanding of how IT Disaster Recovery plans are developed to support the overarching business requirements
  • Data Centre managers with IT DR responsibilities
  • Crisis Management team members needing to understand how the IT DR plan interfaces with enterprise wide crisis / incident management
  • Information Technology practitioners who need a good appreciation of the mechanics of IT Disaster Recovery
  • Auditors who may be called upon to scrutinise IT DR plans
  • Risk Managers intent on understanding how IT departments DR plans are prepared in response to serious IT failure related risk

This course can also be taken in

Accra:15-19Jan, 9-13Apr, 7-11 May, 13-17Aug, 12-16Nov 2018

Dubai:15-19Jan, 9-13Apr, 7-11 May, 13-17Aug, 12-16Nov 2018

Course Content


Understanding the business and technical parameters driving IT Disaster Recovery

Strategies – In House, Outsourced + The Cloud

Data – Storage, Backup + Recovery

Storage, Backup + Recovery continued



Work Area Recovery (WAR)

Writing and Implementing your IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Writing and implementing your IT Disaster Recovery Plan continued

Validating your IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Course Review

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Information Technology Disaster Recovery Planning

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