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5 days


06 – 10 Feb, 15 – 19 May        28, Aug – 01 Sept, 13 – 17 Nov 2023




The Business Xchange Hub, Marco Polo House
3-5 Lansdowne Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 2BX United Kingdom

Course Objective:

  • Utilize a range of ability and personality tests used in the workplace
  • evaluate the role of tests in the selection and development process and their strengths and limitations
  • recognize the impact of testing through practical experience
  • benefit from a critical view of the suitability and desirability of testing in selection and development
  • Assess the implications of equal opportunities legislation in the professional application of testing in the workplace.

Who should attend

An Introduction to Psychometrics is suitable for line managers and HR and development professionals interested in the use and application of psychometric testing at work.

This course can also be taken in

Accra:  30Jan – 03 Feb, 15 – 19 May, 07- 11 August, 06 – 10 Nov 2023

Dubai:  6 – 10 Feb, 10 – 14 April, 03 – 07 July, 11 – 15 Sept 2023

Texas: On Request

Course Overview

An Introduction to Psychometrics gives participants an overview of psychometric testing and equips them with an understanding of the strengths, limitations and applications of testing in selection, career development and counseling. The course explores the different contexts in which testing is used, the types of tests available, their suitability and applicability for particular purposes, and issues relating to administration and interpretation.

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Course Outline
  • The role of testing in selection and development 
  • Types of ability tests and their application in different settings 
  • Computer and Internet-based testing 
  • Practical experience and interpretation of results 
  • Validity and reliability in testing 
  • Assessing personality and motivation in the workplace 
  • Practical experience and interpretation of results 
  • Assessing personality, ability, personal style and motivation in assessment and development centers
  • Critical review of testing and legislation
  • Action planning.

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